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July 3


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Oh god sorry but I really have to rant this out.

If you feel offended by this, this isn't anything against any sexualities, just against people who switch orientations like underwear. To get rid off misconceptions, please read the whole journal or stop reading right here.

I've seen people stereotyping deviantART members for being not straight and guess what?
They are right. Nowadays it's hard to find ANYONE on deviantART who is straight anymore.
Well, actually still many of them are, but they just pretend to be someone completely else and it makes me sick by now.

I mean when there is like every second girl I see on dA is either lesbian or bisexual!? what?!
You guys this makes no sense. I understand when some people are unsure about their sexuality and all.
And I also know that some of them actually ARE bi, gay or lesbian. or pan or transexual or whatever else is there.
I am 100% sure that not all of them are.

See, for some of you it doesn't matter. "I most likely only know my partner over the internet, so it doesn't matter if they have a penis or a vagina"
but this has nothing to do with your sexuality and you're actually HURTING people like this.
It's not a surprise anymore that many people say Homo-/Bi-/whatever- sexuality is a choice of your own.


It makes me so sick when I see people change the info on their pages from straight to gay to pan to trans to bi and back to straight.
And even worse is it when they actually are doing this and having a relationship with someone they'd usually never be attracted to, because it's just not their real sexuality but it's their partners.
Wtf? They get so hurt. And those people who do that don't even give a shit because world wide web.

So just to get something straight: (hah get it? straight. omg lame jokes over here.

You are NOT bisexual or anything just because you desperately want to be in a relationship and you give a fuck with who.
That has like 0% to do with your orientation, it is just abusing people who actually feel something for you.

and please
stop doing this for attention
you aren't special when you have any "fancy orientation" (or let's say pretend to)
It doesn't make anyone special.
Just for those who really feel that way and can't do anything about it:
it makes them sincerely happy when they found something because they don't choose it. They just accept it and live with it and they don't decide on it to desperately get attention or a partner.

That's it for now. will add to this if I can think of anything I forgot.

~ Griwi out.
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Darkstar-9-25 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually wrote a journal about this a couple days ago, I'm glad other people notice this.
At this point you're considered special of you're straight lol
I'm straight, always have been, and I'm proud to be the sexuality I am.
I'm with a wonderful guy because I was honest. I hope everyone comes to their senses eventually... But I guess that's their fault for whatever hurt they cause on themselves and others 
SilhouetteMisfit Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well im strait xD

I know what you mean it is kinda frustrating because ive been brought up to say stuff like 'That game is so gay' and on DA I cant use half the words I would normally use cause it 'offends' these people

I don't have anything against gays but I do think a lot of people trick themselves into thinking they like the same gender as themselves these days
mexicats Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
reason why i don't have my sexuality on my page or anything else
i don't want people to think i'm "faking it" or "following the crowd"
when really it's taken me years to come to terms with my sexuality 
and even longer for me to accept myself for it
deadpillows Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i wanted to write this actually 2 days ago but didn't have the time to.
so basically the way you think is logical, sure.
but you see, most of the dA community consists of 13 year old kids.
it's not like i'm saying everyone being 13 is an idiot or something, but i have to admit that mostly those people are the ones, constantly changing their "sexuality" day by day.
it's a childish thing to do, just do get attention, of course but there ARE actually people questioning their sexuality, even if they already ARE 18+ for example.
i've talked with one of my friends about this and still we both are insecure about it. for my part it's a little.. complicated i'd say. i can see myself being together with both men and women. i mean, dude boobs are awesome and kissing a girl doesn't sound half that bad. same goes to men. still i don't know if i am to 100% sure about it. my friend also questions her sexuality because she actually has seen men she finds attractive even though she defines herself as lesbian.
so YES, i agree if you don't believe in 13-years old saying they are 100% pan, bi or homosexual because, son you didn't even grown up 50% by now, your hormones are still partying don't date people you actually don't have the equally same feelings for like they have for you just because it makes you look "unique"
but it really just goes to those people. because i don't think more than 5% of people who are 16+ years old do it on purpose.

i hope i made my point of view clear here and didn't confuse any of you.
leerai Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amen :clap:
IvypoolForever Featured By Owner Edited Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think, out of the many girls I know, only about 4-6 say they are straight. It's ridiculous! Some people actually are bi, gay, lebian, trans, pan, etc., but lots of them constantly change their profile from straight to gay to bi. Really?

I used girls as an example, but I guys do it too 
my-little-infinity Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
I know I rarely comment on your drawings, but I am an active watcher of yours, and I couldn't agree more ^^

I have one friend who is really just questioning about their sexuality, except they decide that bisexual is basically "the same thing" as questioning. I've identified as bisexual ever since I exited the "childhood" portion of my life, and some people ask me if I "plan on changing it", since I'm not "old enough to know". I know myself really well, and it was damn easy to figure out within my daily life that I was bi, and the idea that people think I can just "change" my "label" just confuses me.

Anyway, back to my friend, they have a crush on a guy and a girl, and while this would technically fall under the bi category, they say they judge it day by day and sometimes wake up "feeling bi". I seriously think that people use the sexuality that I'm proud of and identify with to justify questioning. And back to your topic, it feels like people who don't know just pass themselves off as bi so as to have a "rarer" sexuality, quite often. I've seen this a lot on DeviantART, since a lot of people who're straight feel pressured to be "unique", I suppose. I don't know.

Sorry for this being long—but I don't hate straight people, or those questioning about their sexuality. But passing yourself off as something that other people actually are to compensate for something is just plain wrong.
pussrik Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used to have a friend who claimed to be straight at first, but then she went into that "popular artist" phase and suddenly labelled herself as pansexual. Literally right after she labelled herself as one she got herself a girlfriend - which was her best friend, mind you. When I asked her how it happened or why she was even doing it, since she was a little young for dating, and she said that "everyone else was doing it". 

To be fair I don't understand why people are carrying their sexualities around like a medal. It's your preference of who you would date and/or fuck. Why is it even worth caring about???? 
nati11184 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
breeozoa Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is sooooo sooooooo true. I couldn't agree more.
I also noticed how everyone on here is not straight anymore. Everyone is pan,or bi,or some other thing.
Some of them are for real,but others just completely change their S.O on their profile every two months or something. Like what. <_>
I always knew I was straight. But I always felt like the way I was attracted to boys was different from that of my friends. Then I discovered the term "demisexual" here on dA...and after I did some research,I completely found myself in the description.
From that moment,I haven't used the term"heterosexual" anymore but just "straight" or "straight demisexual" ..and then I sticked to that,and still am.
But really...I saw so many people changing from lesbian to genderfluid to demisexual in a matter of weeks. And I have to be honest,it makes me a little bit annoyed. So I completely feel you,friend ;w;
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